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Where to start... ?

My name is Jon Webb - and when I was 5 my mother was diagonised with agressive breast cancer.

I was witness to her 4 year battle, which started with a mastectomy followed by radiotherpy and finally chemotherapy... culminating in her pallative care and subsequent death at 37 years of age - when I was 9.

This had a profound and resounding effect on my own life - and only now, at 45, am I able to put a handle on the whole experience that shaped the course of my entire life to date.

Where does this tie into hyperparic oxygen therapy ?

For the last 17 years I have been working as a saturation diver in the oil and gas industry, I have been working in and around hyperbaric chambers  - during this time I have learned about the therapeutic benefits of hyperbaric oxygen - also known as HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy).

To understand HBOT you need a short lesson...

The atmosphere is held to the earth by gravity. This effect gives the atmosphere a physical weight - which is exerted on the surface (and its inhabitants) of the earth. This weight is measured by pressure - which is 14.7 pounds per square inch (imperial) or 1 bar (metric). Most people know that we breathe 21% oxygen... but what most people don't realise is that it is not the percentage alone that counts... it is the percentage at the pressrue it is breathed which does the work.

That is 21 percent oxyge at 14.7 psi / 1 bar of pressure.

This gives the breathing gas (air) a thing called a partial pressure... and this is where HBOT gets interesting.

A partial pressure is basicaly fancy way of saying "parts there of"..

At sea level the pressure is 1 BAR which is 1000 milli bars in the metric system.

Air is made up of appoximately 21% Oxygen and 79% Nitrogen.

Air at 1 bar has a partial pressure of 210 millibars of oxygen and 790 millibars of Nitrogen.

Your body is saturated with these gases, dissolved into your blood, under 1 BAR of pressure.

As your body uses up oxgen there is an imbalance between the surroudning gas (air) and the dissolved level of oxygen in your blood... which is why you have lungs - a marvelous invention which serves as a gas / blood interface.

As your blood passes through your lungs the air you have inhaled it is exerting a partial pressure of 210 milli bars on your alveolar–capillary barrier or membrane in your lungs - as seen below...

Your hemoglobin off gas your expired Co2 (by the same process of diffusion to a lower concentration) and are replenished to full capacity 210 milli bars oxygen for their next trip around the body.

The whole process of oxygen delievery in the body is done by this exchange - by diffusion of gas from areas of higher concentration (oxygenated blood) to areas of lower concentration (cells metabolising oxygen in the creation of energy).

Now... we can start to play around with things :)

You can put a person on 100% oxygen at sea level - you will start to flush out the diffused 790 millibars of dissolved nitrogen gas in the blood. This gives the body a increased supply of oxygen by bumping up the dissolved oxgen from 210 millibars to 1000 millbars... remember the body will dissolve any gas into its blood equal to the surrounding pressure of that environment.

Hyperbaric Oxygen goes a big step futher - Turbo charge for your body

So now we can step things up a bit simply by increasing the pressure your body is under - by placing you in a hyperbaric chamber (Hyper + higher Baric = pressure).

By placing yourself in a hyperbaric chamber under a pressure 1.8 times that of the atmosphere, we humans evloved in, we are able in increase the amount of dissolved oxygen into the body from 210 milli bars all the way up to 2800 milli bars of dissolved oxygen.

Cancer loves two things... glucose and lower oxygen environments - the latter of which it creates in the surrounding tissues, as it gorges itself on the glucose you are feeding it in your conventional diet.

A ketogenic diet is one that forces the body to stop burning glucose through the restriction of foods that normally provide you the glucose use to fuel the body.

This diet in conjution with hyperbaric oxygen has been shown to stunt cancer growth... as the primary fuel source is switched off (glucose) and the preferred low oxygen environment is flushed with high levels of oxygen provided by hyperbaric oxygen.

There has also been some amazing results with the above diet used in conjuction with medical marijuana along with hyperbaric oxgyen therapy.

Hyperbaric oxgen therapy has also been shown to improve the potency of chemotherapy.

It has also been shown to aid the recovery from radiotherapy.



So where do I come it ?

I own 5 hyperbaric chambers - which I have purchased over the years to start my own commercial diving company. These chambers are used in commercail diving applications to treat the bends - or decompression illness... so are part and parcel of any commercial diving operation.

Given my own personal journey with cancer I am interested in providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy to those who are interested in using it as an alternative supportive therapy.

I am not interested in selling you snake oil... or making promises that can't be kept.

I know if I developed cancer I will be willing to try just about anything to beat it.

Given my own personal journey with cancer - and the fact that I have the equipment, and the expertise to deliver hyperbaric oxygen to those whom are interested in recieving it.

I feel it would be remiss of me not to post here to reach out to those persons affected and motived in their own journey.

We are based in Toowoomba, Queensland.

We are at the start of this journey in treatement - as such have treated no body... have no fees in place yet.

I'm just a bloke who cares about those who are facing what my Mum did.

If you are interested in giving it a go - reach out and get in touch with me.

Warm Regards,


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Years ago.....MANY years ago, lol, I would hear people say, "Yeah, she had cancer...gone in a month...well she had surgery and once the air hits it, it's too late". Rubbish? Sort of. But when it comes to Hbot, there's a bit of truth. When there was a possibility of my needing hbot due to a rogue molar I was losing because of Radiation 5 years ago, my oncologist wanted me to wait until I got the all-clear from an impending PET Scan because if there IS ca somewhere Hbot could make it grow faster. It brought me back to that old memory of "once the air hits it". I'm not criticizing hbot at all, yet while it's wonderfully therapeutic for some ailments (and sports figures!), it CAN be detrimental to infuse a body with Hbo when there are cancer cells contained within that body. I'm a bit foggy.....are you proposing Hbot as a ca CURE? TIA. My belated condolences for the loss of your Mother. God bless.
I would need to do a search to look at literature but in the meantime what's the risk associated with hbot as there is always a downside to certain treatments. I am familiar with hbot but being used 4 improved wound healing especially with diabetic ulcers and possibly with vascular deficiencies such as arterial or venous insufficiency that also result in ulcers that prove difficult to heal, and possibly with pressure ulcers as well.... also the question it comes to mind off the top of my head is if it is such an effective treatment booster then why isn't it being used as a regular course of treatment with chemo and radiation??? And one last item do you have any references to c i t e that have done studies on HBOT's use??? For cancer patients?? Or any literature on its use with cancer??

I love your scientific explanation of how it works as far as flooding the body with oxygen which by the way at the same time you're depriving the body of nitrogen but now cite some references for its use please or say this is a rogue experiment that you have no data at this point to back up the theoretical scenario that you have laid out, even a case study, something.

Thank you. And in the meantime I will take a look on Google
Thanks for the questions.

HBOT is a supportive therapy - not a stand alone treatment in cancer treatments.

Medicare covers HBOT for the burns and post exposure healing from radiotherapy.

Medicare however does not cover 'unothordox' therapy of HBOT in other cases.

You are correct HBOT is successfully used in the treatment of non healing wounds and recovery from injury - where the body benefits from the perfusion of oxygen to those cells affected.

Nitrogen plays no role in metabolism - as proven in my line of work, saturation diving, where we live at pressure in helium oxygen environments indefinitely - with no ill effect.

Mainstream medicine and hence medicare don't recognise HBOT for a number of 'unorthodox' treatments - including cancer.

The logistics of providing HBOT to the general population prevent it from being further utilised.

The FDA in the USA list medical oxygen as a drug - which tells its own story... big pharma would much rather hold all the cards than support 'unorthodox' treatments.

If their drugs worked then we'd be winning the battle with cancer.
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But WE are winning, in small steps. In 1992, I had a 50% chance of survival with metastatic tonsil cancer, with tx. Now the survival rate is 95%, with tx. I'm not favoring Big Pharma, this has nothing to do with HBOT.....all that aside, cancer tx HAS come a long way. Yeah, there are still casualties, and it sickens me. But we ARE winning. Maybe not as quickly as we'd like. But we're getting there.
You can google HBOT and cancer - this is a fair bit of information out there. I'm not selling it... I just have the means to provide it if people are interested :)
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